1Dorothea-Lasky-thumb-640x520-750691Some of the greatest, most insightful, most dangerous, and most damn interesting writing happening in today’s world gets lost in the din of the complicated messes we call lives. But some of this just can’t stay under the radar forever, and large among those cases is that of Dorothea Lasky, a spicy and daring writer whose new book of poems, Thunderbird, ranges far and wide in its efforts to give us something not only to be entertained by, but to think about. Lasky, a New York resident and graduate of Harvard and Penn, is on her third book, and her largely unpunctuated and propulsive poetry is some of the most energetic literature out right now. With this on the table, we called up Lasky to talk Indonesian goddesses, where to find democracy, why “confession” is a dirty word, and the problem of persona.

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