Animal Collective needs little introduction. Hipster Runoff calls them “the definitive band of the Era of Internet Music Discovery,” Pitchfork has given a shocking three of their albums above a 9.0 rating, and legions upon legions of cool kids (and critics) have gone literally insane praising them. Their so-new-it’s-not-even-out-yet album, Centipede Hz, is a throwback to their in-your-face early days, a knotty piece of work that does a 180 from their “prettiest” album, 2009’s worshipped Merriweather Post Pavilion. But if history is any indicator, even its most headscratchingly gnarled moments will eventually be totems of awesome stuck in your head. With all this in mind, we were lucky enough to find founding member Josh Dibb (Deakin) on the other side of the line for a long talk on whether Animal Collective is a “drug band,” carpentry and alternate lives, and whether people today have the patience for a “difficult” record.

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