There’s a saying that in art, greatness is defined not by what sells the most or what is the most popular or critically acclaimed, but by what makes everyone who follows have to readjust their way of thinking about the art form itself. In the comedy world, there are only so many people who can lay claim to embodying such a definition, but the matchless Steven Wright definitely qualifies. He’s been cited as a profound influence on everyone from Mitch Hedburg to Demetri Martin to Zach Galifianakis, and anyone who’s taken to the stage in the last twenty-five years has had to reckon with Wright’s singular deadpan style. In advance of his highly anticipated show at the Moontower Comedy Festival, we decided to call up the Grammy-nominated and Oscar-winning (yes, Oscar-winning) comic for a conversation so strange and unpredictable only a legend could have made it happen.

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