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About Nick Courtright

Nick Courtright is Co-Executive Editor and book designer for Gold Wake Press, and the founder and Executive Editor of Atmosphere Press. He is the author of Let There Be Light, called “a continual surprise and a revelation” by Naomi Shihab Nye, and Punchline, a National Poetry Series finalist. His poetry has appeared in many literary journals, including The Southern Review, Kenyon Review Online, Boston Review, and The Iowa Review, among numerous others, and essays and other prose of his have been published by such places as The Huffington Post, The Best American Poetry, Gothamist, and SPIN Magazine.

He has taught classes ranging from Creative Writing to American Literature to Writing for Publication to Romanticism to Media Studies to Philosophy at St. Edward’s University, Southwestern University, Texas State University, Concordia University, Austin Community College, Central Texas College, and elsewhere. His YouTube channel analyzing famous works of literature has garnered a half a million views, and currently, he is pursuing a doctorate at the University of Texas, where he studies the nature of literary interpretation.

When he’s not doing that, he’s traveling the world and enjoying his two sons, Will and Sam.

Cover Design Portfolio

Cover Design

Mad River

Cover for Justin Bigos’ Mad River, designed for Gold Wake Press. Attribution-free image license acquired at pxhere. Coo Hew and Forum fonts.

Cover Design

That Beautiful Season

That Beautiful Season, by Sandra Fox Murphy, designed for Atmosphere Press. Cover art by Sarah Lurty (1847-1929), acquired via the author’s family archive, with fonts Alex Brush, Perpetua, and Pinyon Script.

Cover Design

Every Living Species

Every Living Species, by Erin Stalcup, designed for Gold Wake Press. Cover image “Passenger Pigeon” from Birds of America, Plate 62, by John James Audubon, acquired via public domain. Fonts Sifonn and Sitka Display.

Cover Design


Cover for Glenn Shaheen’s Carnivalia, designed for Gold Wake Press. Cover image “Salvation” by Kate Puxley. Raleway, League Gothic, and Source Serif Pro fonts.

Cover Design

Life After Rugby

Life After Rugby, by Eileen G’Sell, designed for Gold Wake Press. Open source photo with fonts Aileron Heavy and Athelas Regular.

Cover Design

Holy Island

Cover design for Lesley Jenike’s Holy Island, second printing, prepared for Gold Wake Press. Art is “Leaving Eden” by Bo Bartlett. Fonts Yellowtail and Josefin Sans, with Source Serif interior.

Cover Design

Housefire Elegies

Cover for Keith Montesano’s Housefire Elegies, done for Gold Wake Press. Art is Lois Dodd’s “Burning House, Night, with Fireman,” 2007, oil on linen, 46” x 64”, courtesy of the Alexandre Gallery in New York. Fonts Norwester Read more…

Cover Design

All the Dead Are Holy

Cover for Larry Levy’s All the Dead Are Holy, designed for Atmosphere Press. Cover photo “Milkweed” by Rob Hyner (, with fonts Pinyon Script, Josefin Sans, and Adobe Caslon.

Cover Design

Winter Park

Cover for Graham Guest’s Winter Park, designed for Atmosphere Press. Images obtained by the designer. Fonts are Magneto, Monserrat, and League Gothic.

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